Friendship Calculator

Friendship Calculator

Use this Friendship Calculator and answer the simple questions displayed on your right to check how deep is your “FRIENDSHIP”.

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Have lots in common and respect each other’s differences.

6 Qualities of a Best friend

If you want to know if someone is your best friend other not, simply look for certain things in your friend to identify -

1.Never Judge You For Anything

Best friends never judge you for anything you do in your life. He is your best friend if he/she is non-judgemental.

2.Support You Every Time

Best friends have a habit of staying with you no matter what the situation may be.

3.Trusts You

Friends who listen and trust you, believe in you even if you are wrong are best friends.

4.Accepting You For Who You Are

Best Friends are those who never ask you to change rather accept you for who you are in real life.

5.Points You On Your Face

Best friends never talk behind your back, they never hesitate to tell your mistake on your face.

6.Feels Like Family

If someone does not feel like a family to you, then that person is not your best friend.